Words & Pictures

I have six thousand words for you to read today. Just kidding. I have six photos to share instead.  (See what I did there?) Patrick's appointment this week was brief and easy.  No infusion, just blood work and a meeting with the research team.  Since we had to spend his birthday in Houston, the least they could do [...]

Another week of progress and special visitors

Patrick's numbers continue to impress the lab techs, a.k.a. the people who stab him with needles and withdraw his carrot infused blood for testing.  As long as they keep saying his blood work is fantastic, we're going to keep doing what we're doing.  One of these days, I will tell you all about the joys [...]


  There are now high school freshmen who were not yet born on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. They are learning about it as a historical event that didn't happen in their lifetime. I remember it like it was yesterday. My husband was in DC and my best friend was ON A PLANE headed to Baltimore [...]

Nodes? What nodes?

Well. Something is working! The swollen lymph nodes that got our attention last spring are impossible to detect at this point.  We are praying the same thing is happening internally where we can't see, and we'll check on that in a month or so.  Also, Patrick's blood work was great this week!!  White blood cells are [...]

A Labor Day of Rest and a Cancer-Free Post

A Labor Day of Rest and a Cancer-Free Post

I posted this status below on Facebook recently.  Just thought I'd move it over here for safekeeping.  Please enjoy a post that isn't about IV drips or side effects or how often I cry. And if you're a parent, feel free to substitute the word "volleyball" with soccer, football, swim, cheer, dance, band, debate, art or [...]

Week Two

I didn’t go to Houston with Patrick this week.  I stayed home with the girls.  Really, I didn’t like it.  I missed him.  I’m not even sure the girls were happy about it honestly. They may have embraced last week’s independence a little too easily for my taste.  It’s almost as if they’re growing up [...]

#47 & A Rookie Mistake

Patrick was accepted into the trial and he began treatment on Thursday, August 25th. "Trial Participant #47" had a smooth and successful first day in his assault on the cancer cells trespassing in his body.  They've taken up residence in quite a few places, including his bone marrow, but that's common with MCL.  Because it's a [...]

Road Trip to Houston

August 15, 2016 It's a four hour drive to Houston.  Unless traffic.  Unless rain.  We had six hours together in the car.  To talk about what was about to happen to our family, what we were afraid of, what we hoped to accomplish at our first visit to MD Anderson.  Six hours to laugh, cry [...]

Day One

We knew something was wrong. After several tests and procedures, we waited.  We tried to enjoy our 24th anniversary on August 8th, but it was like an uninvited guest had joined our dinner date. Two days later, the storm hit. August 10, 2016 - Diagnosis.  Day one.  Shock and tears. Here is a version of the messages [...]