The End And The Beginning.


The number of days between Patrick’s cancer diagnosis and officially being able to use the word REMISSION.


What a year. He’s done. No more chemo. No more meds. No more restrictions. No sign of cancer on his “end of treatment” PET scan.
Clinical Trial success – 100%.
THANK YOU to everyone who supported us and prayed for us all year. We couldn’t have gotten through this battle without your love and encouragement.
It wasn’t easy folks.
So. Here’s to new beginnings and hopefully some new hair in a month or so!
We kicked off this new lease on life by moving Olivia into her dorm at The University of Arkansas on August 10, 2017.  Exactly one year to the day from when we got Patrick’s diagnosis.

And now that Patrick is healthy and Liv is settled into school, we have Isabelle’s senior year on our hands.  Back to back seniors, graduations and college planning? No problem. I’m in the zone. Bring it on.

Never a dull moment for Team Burke.


2 thoughts on “The End And The Beginning.

  1. Wa Hoo! We are celebrating here in C’ville with this Glorious news! I bet Patrick has never been this thrilled over any other grade or test or winning! Praise God for this victory ! Excited for Liv’s great start & Izzies senior year , too! Continued prayers ! Love you guys!


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