December In Houston

Hello all,

It didn’t rain this time!!  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Our visit to MD Anderson this month brought very good results and no surprises.

Patrick is continuing to improve and his lab work was excellent again.  Some nodes are completely free of cancer, others are not quite 100% free, but they ARE continuing to shrink. So we’re making forward progress.  As Maria (the research nurse) put it, Patrick is racing to the finish line.  As you may know, Patrick likes to win.  And this race is no different.  He wants to come in first and have the best results, even though he knows that every patient at MD Anderson is running his or her own, unique and difficult race and that race is against The Big C, not against each other.  This is one time where we DO want everyone to be a winner.  No participation trophies here.  We want gold medals for ALL the fighters.

We kept with this year’s unintended tradition and spent my birthday at MD Anderson.  Seems only fair, since we spent Patrick’s birthday there as well.  This time, we managed to make it to a fantastic dinner at Dish Society, even though the CT scan department was a whopping TWO HOURS behind schedule.  We showed up an hour and a half early because we had nothing else to do and were hoping for an earlier appointment.  For those of you who struggle with math, we waited three and half hours.  And, against every fiber of my being, we used Priceline for a hotel and scored the fabulous JW Marriott at the Galleria. I still do NOT like Priceline AT ALL (I have control issues).  But it was an impressive treat at the end of a super long day spent mostly waiting around in that frigid, arctic CT lounge.

Like I said in my Instagram post — It wasn’t home or Hawaii, but it was exactly where I wanted to be on my birthday, with the love of my life.

We will go back to MD Anderson in January for an infusion.  In February, we’ll probably be ready for more in-depth tests to start planning for part two of the trial.

I asked Maria about Dr. Wang’s presentation at ASH 2016 and she thinks it will be available online at some point. I’ll share the link as soon as I can get it.  His presentation essentially explains the huge success of the trial that Patrick is in and how treatment is becoming less and less toxic with each new discovery.  A cure for Mantle Cell Lymphoma is on the horizon, he believes.  And that, my friends, is why research matters and donations matter and encouraging our youth to study STEM and go to medical school matters.  But that’s another subject for another day.

Merry Christmas!!

Living it up at the JW…


If you find yourself in the Houston Galleria area, go to Dish Society. Farm to table fresh menu items like chicken pot pie and harvest salads, interesting desserts, a juice bar, cocktails and even hot tea that hits the spot after a long day in a seriously sub-zero, GLACIAL hospital.  Also a nice patio with lots of heat lamps. You should go.IMG_6791.JPG

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