Words & Pictures

I have six thousand words for you to read today.

Just kidding.

I have six photos to share instead.  (See what I did there?)

Patrick’s appointment this week was brief and easy.  No infusion, just blood work and a meeting with the research team.  Since we had to spend his birthday in Houston, the least they could do was give us good news, right?  They did!  He doesn’t have to take the evening meds anymore because his blood work has been so consistently great.  (we celebrate every victory, no matter how small)  Dr. Wang came by to flash his amazing smile and laugh with us, and to tell Patrick how well he’s doing. He also mentioned that he wants to play golf with him when he gets to complete remission.  He said he would like to visit Dallas and play at Las Colinas when the time comes. And it will come.

Okay, enough words. I give you…pictures…


#1. The gown that christened Patrick as “Trial Participant #47” with his very own medical record number.  That number is printed on a wristband which is securely wrapped around his wrist every time he walks into MD Anderson, and is scanned at each stop during the day. Yes, I cried when he came out wearing it.  I don’t anymore. The other day at Whole Foods, Patrick tried to give the cashier his wrist to scan instead of the bag of carrots he was holding.  Sigh.




#2. This was during our first week in Houston.  He’s just hanging out, with an IV in his arm, waiting for scans and bone marrow aspirations and all kinds of other tests to set a baseline for his treatment.  He was calm, reading a magazine. I was numb.




#3. Treatment Day – The treatments always start with Benadryl first, in case he has a reaction to the meds.  We call this the “loopy” stage. This is what it looks like on Thursday treatment days.  Maybe in a different room, but pretty much this is it.  We are now on a monthly, instead of weekly, schedule for the infusions.  That feels like a vacation. Four whole weeks without going to Houston.  Can I get an amen?




#4.  “Circle of Hope” at McKinney High School this week – An annual event for cancer awareness where each player and coach makes a sign and forms a circle with their guest, to show who they’re playing for that night.  Since Patrick is dad to two players on varsity, the team made an extra effort to honor and support him, green balloons for lymphoma and hanging up posters with a hashtag, #FIGHTLIKEPATRICK.  It was an emotional evening.  I know it gave ALL the fighters and survivors who were there strength and hope.  We really appreciated the love we felt on this night.  We are so grateful for our community.