Nodes? What nodes?

Well. Something is working!

The swollen lymph nodes that got our attention last spring are impossible to detect at this point.  We are praying the same thing is happening internally where we can’t see, and we’ll check on that in a month or so.  Also, Patrick’s blood work was great this week!!  White blood cells are up instead of down, and his uric acid level is down instead of up.  Not to brag or anything, but the lab tech did say that for as long as she’s been doing this, she’s never seen anyone have lower uric acid numbers and overall fantastic lab results like Patrick’s.  #SUPERHERO.

Quick Science lesson – uric acid level is an indicator of how well the liver is functioning.  Patrick’s is working very well, detoxing like crazy, flushing out dead cancer cells and any other toxic build up from the meds.  Props to the beets and cucumber juice recipe, with a dash of ginger.  Except ginger is now off limits, along with turmeric, because they don’t get along with blood thinners. Unfortunate thing, and I’m learning this very quickly, nature’s best medicines are sometimes not allowed to play nicely with modern medicines, even though they’d really like to and they have a lot to add to the “let’s beat cancer and stay healthy” equation.  It’s a shame we have to choose between the two. But for now, we do.  And we’re loyal to the Ibrutin. Ginger and turmeric (and fish oil and flax seed oil too, by the way) you’re off limits. Sorry guys. See you soon.

So we continue to juice like crazy, take the meds, pray, rest, and live the new normal.  This week, normal included high school chaos, a little strep throat in the house (I know, that’s like the TOTAL OPPOSITE of keeping germs away from Patrick. Oops!)  and…


Let’s just end on that.  PB has great blood work at the moment and Liv got into college. What could be better?