Well hello there. I’m back!!

It’s been a while. I know. When the doctors dropped the REMISSION victory in our laps, I hit a wall. I needed a break, quite frankly. Turned out to be a little bit longer break than I anticipated. A lot happened in the last two years during my extended writer’s block. More than I can put in a fluffy welcome message on a home page. I’ll get it sorted out and into words that make sense, and I’ll post it in bits and pieces.  I have so much to tell you!! But for now, I just wanted to say welcome to my blog and thanks for hanging out with me here and for being patient while I recovered from living hell (see “The Cancer Trial”).  If you’re new to this site, THANK YOU for joining me. This is my place to write about this gift we call life and all the adventures that come my way. I talk about my family, my travels (and there are A LOT of those!!) and how I am going to live the second half of my life now that I’m a…wait for it…empty nester!!


PS — No I am not sponsored, or collaborating with any companies, or anything as glamorous as that. If I say I like a hotel, a restaurant or a tourist excursion, it’s simply because I have been there, done that and loved it. And that’s just my opinion. If I write about products I love or my favorite shoes, well…no one is paying me to say “GO buy Lululemon right now because their leggings fit like heaven and last for absolute ever.” As an example. 🙂 Just letting you know.